399px-Ailurus fulgens -Diergaarde Blijdorp-8a

Red pandas have a lot more than fur as a phyhsical characteristics. Their body length is 56-63 cm. While the tail length is 37-47 cm which is two times smaller than the body length. The males have a weight which is 3.7- 6.2 kg and the females are from 4.2-6.0 kg.Red pandas are known for their soft reddish brown pelt, black underbelly, and light face along with tear marks. Their light face has white badgers similar to the raccoon, but each red pandas have different markings. The strong curved claws are great for eating bamboo and climbing or to scare off any predators. Red pandas have a "false thumb" like giant pandas they are use to grab bamboo. Red pandas desend headfirst down a tree by the red panda rotating its ankle to control its desent.